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Spot Dog

Last night when I called Spot Dog, An elephant came instead. And when it got dark outside, He curled up in Spot Dog’s bed. I sure do like elephants; I think that they’re kinda neat. But they squash things they step on With their great big ugly feet. Today I found my puppy, I have […]

When Spot Gets Wet

I like playing out in the rain, I like it when I get all wet. When Mom and Dad were kids like me, They liked to do it too, I’ll bet. I like to feel the gooey mud Squish up between my bare foot toes. I like it when the warm rain drops Run in […]

Mess Master

When it comes to making messes, Mom says that I’m the very best. She says that I would make an A, If Teacher gave me a mess test. It doesn’t take me very long To make a huge mess anymore. I think a mess is not complete If you can see parts of the floor!


Medicine always makes me sick When my mother makes me take it. It makes my stomach woozy When I watch my mother shake it. So when I have to take a lot, It always happens without fail, It still makes me very sick A long time after I get well. My worst childhood memories are […]


Mom said my toy truck’s gar-unteed, One hundred sixty three percent. So I hit it with my hammer; It didn’t even make a dent! “Unstructable”, my mommy said. Why would they make a toy like that? I threw it ‘way up in the air, And hit it with my loom-num bat. The bat was old […]