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Lucky Day

I found a rabbit’s foot, They always bring good luck. An egg fell on my head From a migrating duck. I got two-dozen warts From playing with a toad. A truck splashed mud on me While playing by the road. I lost my garter snake Somewhere in Sister’s bed, She hit me with her doll […]

Noble Stroble

They were attacked by Knork the Nave Who strode the Gimble night and day; But Stroble with his glaunt and spear Had grumbled in to join the fray. She watched her hero’s glaunt shoot flame, Watched the brave and fearless Stroble. Could any Grumnlin be so brave? Gimble knew of none so noble. Now upon […]

Rhinoceros and Hippopotamus

Rhinoceros and Hippopotamus went on a dinner date. They ordered the entire menu, brought out on one huge plate. They both ate steaks, and chicken too, and then ate vegetables galore. The waiter said, “The food’s all gone, there’s not one olive more!” Hippopotamus ate the table, the chairs, and candles too. Rhinoceros said the […]

Bee on my Nose

Oh little bee There on my nose, You want to sting, I do suppose. It’s your flower I mst agree… Didn’t see you Oh little bee. I just wanted One tiny sniff And not to cause This little tiff. You stand there in That wicked crouch… You won’t sting me, OUCH, OUCH, OUCH, OUCH!

Valentine’s Day Card

Valentine’s Day has come and gone And I am feeling kind of blue. I got a hundred Valentines But not a one of them from you. I checked my mailbox every day And it is kind of hard to do. But it would have been worth the trip If I had gotten one from you. […]