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Wet Concrete

A concrete mixer Came yesterday And poured concrete Where we kids play. So now we can’t Play fun kids’ games, But we showed them, We left our names! “Who wrote this stuff?” I heard them shout. I sure do hope They dont find out?

Hi Hi Ho Ho

Hi Hi Ho Ho Pick and shovel crew, Dig a hole so deep and wide That there’ll be room for two. Hi Hi Ho Ho Now what’ll we do? Hide here ‘til dinner time, And then go home for stew.

Snow Math

She had to walk to school and she didn’t want to go, She wanted to stay home and play out in the snow. It was winter’s coldest day and the walks were slick with ice, She had only fallen once, but she had to get up twice. When she finally got to school, she was […]

Hello word

Hello word

It Came Knocking

The thing that’s knocking On my door Is quite ugly And six foot four. It has long fangs And smelly breath. Its looks could scare A ghost to death! Its eyes are red, Its skin is green. I sure do hope It’s Halloween!