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Ugly Fish

I caught a fish Just yesterday. An ugly fish, I threw away. No one would eat That ugly fish If they found it Placed on their dish Tonight, before I went to bed, I drew this sketch Of it instead!


Wouldn’t it be Preposterous To chase a big Rhinoceros? I know that it Might sound like fun, But first ask John ‘Cause he caught one!

Pets Need Lots of Room

If you have a pet That you care for at all, Be sure that its home Hasn’t gotten too small. Pets need lots of room To frolic and rest, And every pet needs To have room for a guest.

No Vacancy

Sometimes on Saturday morning, When I’m trying to sleep in late, My mom likes to laugh and ask me, “Are you going to hibernate?” Some how the word has gotten out That I have a really neat place. ‘Cause when I woke-up this morning A skunk was curled up in my face. A squirrel was […]

Frozen Features

Mommy said I should be careful When I made a face today. ‘Cause if we had a sudden freeze My face could easily stay that way. That’s when Mommy got the giggles, I’m not sure just what about. I looked at Daddy’s face and asked, “Do faces ever thaw back out?”