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Consider the Giraffe

The giraffe walks around all day, His head up in a cloud. He never says a word, Well, at least not one out loud. From way up there on high, He can see all of the sights. You have to pity a giraffe Who’s deathly scared of heights. He has two little knobby horns; Though […]


My friend Ted has scribbleitis. He loves to scribble anywhere. Ted scribbles in his Sunday best. He scribbles in his underwear. He scribbled on his bedroom walls. He scribbled on his mother’s soap. When they took him to see a doctor Ted scribbled on his stethoscope. Last night while I was sound asleep And stretched […]

Nursery Crimes

Last night Dad read a poem about Some kid’s cradle in a treetop. The wind blew so hard that it caused The kid and cradle both to drop. There’s not a clue about the kid; What happened after he fell down? Did he end up like poor old Jack, Who tripped and fell and broke […]

Jennifer Rat

Jennifer Jones just stole my name And gave it to her stupid cat! She’ll be sorry, when she finds out Mom’s buying me a new pet rat.

Design Problems

We built a boat, My friend and me So we could sail Across the sea. We made the sides From old scrap wood That we tied up With rope, real good. The bottom made From chicken wire, Our anchor was An old spare tire. Well you can guess How far we got… The anchor floated, […]