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Obediance School

I sent my dog to dog school Because he wouldn’t obey. I wanted them to teach him How dogs are supposed to play. They said that he’s doing well, That he’s top dog in his class. He hasn’t learned to obey But he gets straight A’s in Sass. He came home last night and said […]

Big Brother Knows

There is a baby at our house, He’s my brand-new baby brother. He is a little bit too small For us to talk to each other. But Mother claims to understand What baby’s saying when he cries. Am I the only one who knows That sometimes my new brother lies?

Twelve Boys in a Tub

A rub-a-dub-dub Twelve boys in a tub. Mom stuffed us in here For our weekly scrub. We scrubbed and we washed But have little hope Of getting real clean Someone lost the soap.

Consider the Vulture

Have you observed the vulture, just a speck up in the sky? He sails around in circles, waiting for his prey to die. His talons are like knives, his beak a handy shredder. Weapons used to take no life, but only make one deader. He flies with empty stomach, you know he’d like to fill […]

It Could Have Been Worse

My sister bit into an apple: An apple; red and round and firm. Inside to her surprise she found An ugly, wiggly, squirmy, worm. “To bite an apple with a worm Can cause you to feel sick”, I said. I told her it would have been worse, Had she found half a worm instead!