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Medicine always makes me sick When my mother makes me take it. It makes my stomach woozy When I watch my mother shake it. So when I have to take a lot, It always happens without fail, It still makes me very sick A long time after I get well. My worst childhood memories are […]

How I Became a Parrot

I told the magic genie I wanted to be a pirate And sail the seven seas. I knew the magic genie Wanted very much to please. He knew that I’d return him To his little genie bottle If he didn’t grant my wish. His bottle was quite crowded With two monkeys and a fish. So […]


Mom said my toy truck’s gar-unteed, One hundred sixty three percent. So I hit it with my hammer; It didn’t even make a dent! “Unstructable”, my mommy said. Why would they make a toy like that? I threw it ‘way up in the air, And hit it with my loom-num bat. The bat was old […]

Rainy Day

I never like A rainy day, When I can’t go Outside and play. I wish that there Could be a rule, It only rains When I’m in school! And if my wish Would just come true, I think Mom would Be happy too!

My Brother’s Bicycle

I rode my brother’s bike, He never wants me to But he was still in school So just what could he do? I hit a great big tree, It was an awful blow. I put his bike back up, You think that he will know?