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A monster sleeps under my bed And nobody seems to care. He snores when I try to sleep So I know that he lives there. Dad’s told me all about monsters And I know they’re scared of light. So I asked Mom for a lamp And I leave it on all night. I was sure […]

Sun Diet

My friend said that I’m way too fat, He told me about a diet; He said that it was sure to work And he said that I should try it. He said to sit out in the sun In the warmest part of the day And he would guarantee that it Would melt my frozen […]

Noble Stroble

They were attacked by Knork the Nave Who strode the Gimble night and day; But Stroble with his glaunt and spear Had grumbled in to join the fray. She watched her hero’s glaunt shoot flame, Watched the brave and fearless Stroble. Could any Grumnlin be so brave? Gimble knew of none so noble. Now upon […]

Dads are Fun

Oh little balloon, Up in the sky, You left me, now I’m going to cry. When my dad bought You, just for me, I held you up For all to see, Cause no one else Had one like you; My dad bought me The only blue. Now you’re laughing At me, I know, As I […]

Lucky Day

I found a rabbit’s foot, They always bring good luck. An egg fell on my head From a migrating duck. I got two-dozen warts From playing with a toad. A truck splashed mud on me While playing by the road. I lost my garter snake Somewhere in Sister’s bed, She hit me with her doll […]