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Adam’s Underpants

Willy’s grandma liked to press leaves, In her books between the pages. She wrapped them up in wax paper And then left them there for ages. Willy found one of Grandma’s leaves, He yelled, “Mom” with a happy shout. “I was looking through Gram’s Bible And Adam’s underpants fell out!”

Some Assembly Required

Dad said, “A snowman fell last night, Outside on our winter lawn!” He said we’d have to hurry out Before it melted and was gone. He said the snowman could be big Or any shape that we desired….. And then he told us with a grin That some assembly was required.


I have a make-believe dragon, Whose name, I think, is Bert. My daddy says that it’s all right, ‘Cause make-believes can’t hurt. Today old Bert looks hungry, Or maybe he’s just bored. But I don’t need to worry I have my wooden sword. Well now I’m getting worried, Things sure aren’t looking good. Bert’s started […]

Shark Friend

A shark will never be your friend No matter what you do. They have a nasty attitude And think of you as stew! It’s hard to teach a shark a trick They won’t sit up or beg. And just to feed a hungry shark Would cost an arm and leg. So if you find a […]

Someone Else

There’s Someone Else lives at our house A someone who is quite a clown. Someone who does lots of damage When there is no one else around. He forgets to flush the toilet And he always leaves the lights on. When he finds my sister’s candy He eats it every bit all gone. Last week […]