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Knock On The Door

Someone’s knocking At our back door That’s not happened Back there before. No one’s at home But Nan and me; I wonder what The knock could be? Maybe a ghost, Or grizzly bear That’s knocking on Our door back there! I think that I Had best go see; I’m in charge, It’s up to me! […]

My Brother’s Part Animal

My new brother is part animal And Mother thinks that I don’t know. She said he’s wrinkly as a pup And just as pink as a flamingo. She told my Grandma on the phone As if she thought that it was neat, About his little sweet deer face And that she loves his cute bear […]

Ugly Fish

I caught a fish Just yesterday. An ugly fish, I threw away. No one would eat That ugly fish If they found it Placed on their dish Tonight, before I went to bed, I drew this sketch Of it instead!


Wouldn’t it be Preposterous To chase a big Rhinoceros? I know that it Might sound like fun, But first ask John ‘Cause he caught one!

Pets Need Lots of Room

If you have a pet That you care for at all, Be sure that its home Hasn’t gotten too small. Pets need lots of room To frolic and rest, And every pet needs To have room for a guest.