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I bought a pair of rabbits ‘Cause I thought it would be fun. It was in about a month, I discovered what I’d done. Well it made my father mad And it caused my mom to cry. Seems the rabbits that I bought Sure knew how to multiply. If they are so good at math, […]

Magic Hat

I found a magic hat While walking in the mall. That is how I got so short, Although I had been rather tall. It said that I could wish for things And they’d appear out of thin air, And pile up on the hat’s broad brim; But warned that I should wish with care. At […]

A Snail at the Zoo

I saw a snail On a log at the zoo, Traveling quite slowly As all snails do. I think that I Would be slow too, If I had to carry My house to the zoo.

My Dessert

My brother says a monster Lives underneath our table, And no one else can see it ‘Cause only he is able. My brother says he’s nice And he never tries to hurt, But he thinks that to be safe He should feed him my dessert.

I’m Not Scared

I’m not afraid of vampires. You can’t scare me with a ghost! And if monsters bother me I’ll just turn them all to toast. I’m not afraid of bullies Nor am I afraid of trolls. I’m not afraid of big boys, Not even ten-year-olds. But after school tomorrow, If you should find you miss me, […]