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I’m Not Scared

I’m not afraid of vampires. You can’t scare me with a ghost! And if monsters bother me I’ll just turn them all to toast. I’m not afraid of bullies Nor am I afraid of trolls. I’m not afraid of big boys, Not even ten-year-olds. But after school tomorrow, If you should find you miss me, […]

Do Angels Have Wings?

Do angels have wings? I’m sure I don’t know… But they must get there fast, Wherever they go. Do angels have wings? I know they can fly Because they all live Way up in the sky. Well, Superman flies Without any wings And protects little kids And all sorts of good things. Do angels have […]

Obediance School

I sent my dog to dog school Because he wouldn’t obey. I wanted them to teach him How dogs are supposed to play. They said that he’s doing well, That he’s top dog in his class. He hasn’t learned to obey But he gets straight A’s in Sass. He came home last night and said […]

Big Brother Knows

There is a baby at our house, He’s my brand-new baby brother. He is a little bit too small For us to talk to each other. But Mother claims to understand What baby’s saying when he cries. Am I the only one who knows That sometimes my new brother lies?

Twelve Boys in a Tub

A rub-a-dub-dub Twelve boys in a tub. Mom stuffed us in here For our weekly scrub. We scrubbed and we washed But have little hope Of getting real clean Someone lost the soap.