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Candle Stick Jack

Was Jack so nimble? Was Jack so quick? Or was it the fire On the candlestick?

Clumsy Sue

Little Suzie is so clumsy That she usually makes a mess. What little Suzie will do next Is always anybody’s guess. When Suzie found a jumping rope, She decided she would try it. Now Suzie needs a book on knots So she can learn to untie it!

Boys Only

We let no girls in our clubhouse, We let no girls come in at all. We tell no girls our club secrets, We’ll never let them play baseball. We made our rules, “No girls allowed.” And that’s the way it’s always been! ‘Cause if we let the girls play ball, What would we do if […]

First is Not Always Best

We raced out to the old tire swing, It had hung there through the summer. For him to beat me for first swing, Had really been a bummer. But when he jumped into the swing, I laughed so hard I could have cried. A swarm of wasps had found the tire And built their paper […]

Law of Gravity

“You can’t slide up a slide,” My grandma said to me, “Cause it’s against the law; The Law of Gravity.” I fell right off the top, Right down by my grandma. I learned a real good lesson. It hurts to break the Law!