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Wee Wee Wee

Five little piggies All went out to eat, Which for little pigs Is always a treat. Two piggies had trout And two pigs had brim. The fifth said water Was enough for him. Three pigs ate whole pies, One ate a quarter. The littlest pig Drank only water. The waiter’s comment, “It’s so weird, I […]

Consider the ‘Possum

Consider the ‘possum, About whom much is said. When life gets too tedious, Mrs. ‘Possum plays dead. She carries her children All around, in her pouch. When they kick and they fight, It has got to be OUCH! But when climbing in trees, And her four feet all fail, And most others would fall, She […]

The Early Bird

“Be an early bird,” Mother said, “The worm is Early Bird’s reward.” I have some thoughts, along that line, I’d like to mention in regard. The sunrise, I can live without, I never really cared for worms And Mom in case you didn’t know Those wiggly slimy things have germs!


I saw it on the television… Wild animals can be dangerous! There is no end of terrible things That wild animals can do to us. Now I am afraid to play outside… Call me a fraidycat, I don’t care. But I heard Mommy telling Daddy, That there are wildflowers everywhere!

Waste Basket

Last night my mother told me, “It won’t help to beg and plead, Just go and clean your room up, Throw away what you don’t need.” She didn’t seem too happy, When she saw what I had done? It hadn’t been real easy, Because Sis can really run! Mom said, “Come and get her out, […]