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Close Call

I got up early this morning; Today I would ride a horse! It would be my very first time; I knew of the dangers, of course. I chose a fiery white steed; I had carefully read in a book How to judge equine temperament By how its nose and eyes look. I approached with great […]

I See Paris, I See France

I guess that it was all my fault Because I turned a somersault. The boys began to sing and dance That they had seen my underpants. I hate they saw my under pants But I thought after they’d all gone. It could have been a whole lot worse. What if I hadn’t had them on?

Spot Dog

Last night when I called Spot Dog, An elephant came instead. And when it got dark outside, He curled up in Spot Dog’s bed. I sure do like elephants; I think that they’re kinda neat. But they squash things they step on With their great big ugly feet. Today I found my puppy, I have […]


Mom said, “Now little Billy Bob, You have just got to settle down. You have to take your medicine And stop this jumping all around.” “But Mom, read what’s on the bottle. The directions aren’t confusing? It says right there on the label, You must shake well before using.”

New Bathroom

“Come see my new bathroom,” My best friend said to me; “A good time to visit If you have to pee.” “It’s all made of metal And it’s painted bright blue; I’ll invite all our friends, They can all use it too.” “The workmen just brought it And installed it for me. Come on, let’s […]