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I Didn’t Kiss Her

Lots of kids tell things about me That I simply didn’t do! They tell stupid things about me, Things that I promise just aren’t true. They tell great big hairy stories And they tell fabricated lies. Well, okay, I might be the one That tasted two of Grandma’s pies. But it’s a great big stupid […]

My Mother’s an Angel

My mother’s an angel; Just how do I know? It has to be true, Because Grandpa said so. If she is an angel, Just where are her wings? All angels have them, Among other things. When I asked my grandpa, He laughed and then said, “They’re hidden, like the eyes In the back of her […]

No Such Things as Ghosts

“There are no such things as ghosts. It’s all in your stupid head!” I told my little brother, As we got ready for bed. “There are no such things as ghosts.” And I made it very clear. “It’s stupid to believe in ghosts, So you have nothing to fear.” He pointed under his bed, We […]

One Minor De-Tail

Mister rabbit stood At the Old Wishing Well And wished that he had A bushy long tail. He threw in some nickels And pennies and dimes And wished a hundred And twenty-three times. He spent all the money He had to buy food, Which had gotten him in A terribly bad mood. Why hadn’t he […]

Should I Tell Mom?

A large green thing came in our house, It ate right through our big front door. It ate the paper from the walls And ate the rugs off of the floor. I think I’d better tell my mom, Because she’ll know just what to do. The green thing will be sorry then My mom will […]