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My dog is an ugly dog, As anyone can see. He’s not the kind that folks like, But he’s good enough for me. He spins around in circles, When he greets me after school. That’s why I named him “Twister,” And I think he’s really cool. His legs look like a Beagle’s, And his hair […]

Wiped Off

Mom said my face was dirty So Daddy wiped it off. And now it sure is hard For me to sneeze or cough.

I Don’t Make Fun of You

No one’s very nice to me, And I really don’t know why. I can’t figure out what’s wrong, Even though I often try. When I stop to watch and play With the other girls and boys, They all point and laugh at me, And quickly hide all of their toys. I don’t laugh at how […]

Cactus Horse

My brother made a hobby horse Entirely out of cactus. I think that if he learns to ride It’ll take a lot of practice. One thing’s for sure, he won’t fall off If Cactus Horse puts up a fight. ‘Cause once you’re on a cactus horse You’re stuck there awfully tight.

Boys’ Club

How did you get here, little bug? This is a most exclusive club. That you could even get inside Was someone’s monumental flub. This club’s exclusively for boys And girls are not allowed inside. So don’t you start to crawl away Or try to find some place to hide. You think that you have got […]