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Bad Idea

I called my friend Tommy stupid. It was a hurtful thing to do. It’s a bad word to call someone And dummy is a bad word too. So never call someone stupid, It’s just not something you should do. Especially if that someone, Is almost twice as big as you.

Someone’s Going to Get a Spanking

“Someone’s going to get a spanking,” Is what my Daddy said As he looked at my report card, While he tucked me into bed. “Just look at that old ‘D’, It’s such an ugly letter. Someone’s going to get a spanking If someone doesn’t make it better.” Tomorrow I’ll have to tell my teacher, “Don’t […]

How The Slug Lost Its Shell

Have you ever heard the tale Of how the slug was once a snail? He envied all the shells he saw But with his own he saw each flaw. One day a hermit crab came by, He had a shell that pleased Snail’s eye. Now hermit crabs are quick to trade And with the snail […]

Sisterly Love

My sister gives me her old clothes. She always gives them to me free. And I wonder why she does it, I guess it’s because she loves me. It must be a major bother, Having to go to the clothes store, ‘Cause when she gives her clothes to me, She always has to buy some […]

Birdie Geek

I wish that I could fly up high Like a birdie in the sky. But Mommy said if I had wings, I’d just be bumping into things. I’d need no shoes with birdie feet And I think that Would be real neat. But Sister said a birdie beak, Would make me look just like a […]