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Mess Master

When it comes to making messes, Mom says that I’m the very best. She says that I would make an A, If Teacher gave me a mess test. It doesn’t take me very long To make a huge mess anymore. I think a mess is not complete If you can see parts of the floor!

My Dad’s the Best

You shouldn’t exaggerate About what your dad can do; That he wrestles alligators We all know just isn’t true. He can’t outrun a cheetah, He can’t whip a grizzly bear If he can wiggle both his ears Why would anybody care? My dad’s greater than your dad I don’t even have to lie When it […]

My Brother’s Bicycle

I rode my brother’s bike, He never wants me to But he was still in school So just what could he do? I hit a great big tree, It was an awful blow. I put his bike back up, You think that he will know?


They all made fun of my old hound, He wasn’t the smartest dog around. He couldn’t fetch and he couldn’t sit, But I was as proud of him as spit. He never would chase a truck or a car; He just didn’t care to run all that far. Exertion, to him, was never a habit; […]

The Story of Collie Flower

Collie was a big white flower. She was beautiful but vain. She lived way back in the jungle Where there was lots of sun and rain. The white dress that nature gave her Had petals so big and bright. She wore it in the bright sunshine And folded it up neat at night. When others […]