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Valentine’s Day Card

Valentine’s Day has come and gone And I am feeling kind of blue. I got a hundred Valentines But not a one of them from you. I checked my mailbox every day And it is kind of hard to do. But it would have been worth the trip If I had gotten one from you. […]

Sonnet (Playground Dilemma)

At recess she was there again today In hopes that I would notice her bold flirt. Her looks were nice if you ignored the dirt, Her blue eyes beckoned me to come and play. But did I want to leave my other friends To play with this lone girl whom most thought strange? My recess […]


I don’t like eating vegetables, I just like meat and bread. Mom said if I’d eat carrots, They would make my hair turn red. She always puts them on my plate But every time I’m able, I feed them to my puppy, On the rug beneath the table. My puppy is a Labrador. He’ll eat […]


Howard the bookworm Loves to eat books. Under your bed Is the first place he looks. It’s hard to turn pages When one is so small. If your books are left tidy He can’t eat them at all. He climbs open pages And eats his way down. He will eat every word Be it adverb […]


Have you noticed little brothers Are often dressed like circus clowns? It’s all because we have to wear Our brother’s stupid hand-me-downs. My mother says that I’m lucky Because my clothes are all broke in. All of my jeans are right in style Because the knees are getting thin. We never have those itchy tags […]