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Consider the Hippopotamus

Consider the hippopotamus… Who spends all day in the swimming pool. Hippos will eat only vegetables, Which Mom thinks is a very good rule. If Hippos eats only vegetables, And other healthy foods like that, Doesn’t it make you wonder why Hippo is the synonym for fat? When one reaches her maturity, And her waist […]

Consider the Praying Mantis

Consider the praying mantis, Seemingly a most loving bug. Before she dines on her victim, She gives it a most loving hug. Then after hugging her victim, Just before she eats off its face, She folds her front appendages, Then bowing her head, she says grace. But the way that she treats her mate, A […]


I collect all kinds of insects, It’s something that I like to do. I stick them to a piece of cardboard With pins and little dabs of glue. I know an arachnid’s not an insect But I have a special spider. It’s the one that scared Miss Muffet When it came and sat beside her. […]

Mommy’s Stuff

I used Mommy’s lipstick, I used Mommy’s perfume. You could smell me coming From clear across the room. I used Mommy’s shower And I used Mommy’s soap. Mommy won’t smell me now, At least that’s what I hope!

Captain Hook

Have you ever read a story About the famous Captain Hook? Yesterday I read about him In a Peter Pan comic book. But not a single word was said Of how the captain got his hook; Of just how he had lost his hand, Whether to crocodile or crook. Don’t you wonder what his name […]