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My taehcr tlod me ysetreday Taht I msut laern to sepll. She siad it was imoprtnat Taht my wrods anr’t so plel mlel. But if my spelilng is so bad, Jsut how did you raed tihs? And if I tkae the tmie to laren, Jsut tihnk of all the tinhgs I’ll msis.


If I could turn invisible, So none of my friends could see me, It would make them all get jealous And they’d all try to be like me. I wouldn’t have to do my chores, ‘Cause if Mom came to remind me, I would just turn invisible, So that she could never find me. There […]

Wet Sails in the Sunset

Some nights I sail the seven seas Where pirates chase and monsters roar. When I awake, I know the noise Was nothing more than Daddy’s snore. Some nights I crash upon a rock And feel the sea creep towards my head. Those dreams are ones I hate the most Because it means I wet my […]

What Kind of Dinosaur?

I think that I would like to ride A dinosaur to my school. Although it probably is against Somebody’s silly rule. A dinosaur with a long neck, So I could give my friends a ride. The bully who is bad to us Would probably just run and hide. A big Tyrannosaurus Rex, I think, would […]

Clumsy Sue

Little Suzie is so clumsy That she usually makes a mess. What little Suzie will do next Is always anybody’s guess. When Suzie found a jumping rope, She decided she would try it. Now Suzie needs a book on knots So she can learn to untie it!