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Pet My Pet

I have a pet that I can’t pet, At least I have not done it yet. I’ve never hugged or held my pet, I never took him to a vet. I never pat him on the head Or let him get up on my bed. No one can pet this pet of mine, Because my […]

Big Bears Can’t Climb Trees

A great big ugly bear Was coming after me. Great big bears can’t climb, So I went up a tree. Big bear clawed and growled, I was in the best of places; So I threw limbs at him, And made funny faces. Big bear went away, As mad as he could be. I was very […]

One Tough Poodle

A poodle went into the woods. Just why he went there, I don’t know, Because for a little poodle That is a stupid place to go. As he was strolling down a path, And feeling very much alone, He came upon a skeleton That had a very tasty bone. As he was chewing on the […]

God’s Water Bed

There were lightning flashes And loud claps of thunder. It filled little Petie With both fear and wonder. Mom said, “Pete, don’t worry, I know it’s a fearsome sound; But it’s just God moving His furniture around.” Then it started to rain; Pete ran to Mom and said, “Come look, I think that God Just […]

Consider the Lion

The black maned lion, The king of beasts, The ruler of Each jungle feast. His kingly job Is eat and sleep And not much more To earn his keep. He lies around All day and roars And lets the lioness Do the chores.