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Consider the Kiwi

Consider the kiwi, With looks so absurd. But one must admit That she’s quite a bird. With feathers like hair, No wings for a flight; A beak that has whiskers! She’s quite a strange sight. The egg that she lays, Is so big, you might ask… Just how could she ever Accomplish the task. Then […]


“You are surely grumpy,” Is the first thing Mother said. “You must have gotten up On the wrong side of your bed.” Gramps said, “When you’re grumpy, You’ve got a rock in your shoe.” And Gramps sure ought to know ‘Cause he’s always grumpy too. Dad said, “If you’re grumpy, It’s because you’ve had bad […]

Consider the ‘Possum

Consider the ‘possum, About whom much is said. When life gets too tedious, Mrs. ‘Possum plays dead. She carries her children All around, in her pouch. When they kick and they fight, It has got to be OUCH! But when climbing in trees, And her four feet all fail, And most others would fall, She […]

Wee Wee Wee

Five little piggies All went out to eat, Which for little pigs Is always a treat. Two piggies had trout And two pigs had brim. The fifth said water Was enough for him. Three pigs ate whole pies, One ate a quarter. The littlest pig Drank only water. The waiter’s comment, “It’s so weird, I […]


Her stupid puppy took my shoe And then he buried it outside. I couldn’t find out where it was Although I very often tried. The puppy’s grown into a dog. It’s been two years or four or three, And where he buried my old shoe There grows a rather nice shoetree.