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Mommy, Mommy, hurry and come! Can you save my bubble gum? I dropped it in there by mistake. Please hurry up for goodness sake! I blew a bubble, Then I popped it. I accidentally dropped it While I tried to roll and mush it. PLEASE, DON’T ANYBODY FLUSH IT!


While walking through the jungle, Just to pass the time away, He came upon a lion Which can surely ruin one’s day. Was the beast going to eat him? He was frozen there with fright. The lion sure looked hungry, Like he had an appetite. The lion looked him over, Then he bowed down on […]

My Mister Messup

Mom says I have a Mr. Messup That follows me everywhere. She says that I could stop him But she doesn’t think I care. Then she told me yesterday She almost caught my messup elf. She said no way one boy could make So much a mess all by him self. Last night when Mommy […]

Bad Idea

I called my friend Tommy stupid. It was a hurtful thing to do. It’s a bad word to call someone And dummy is a bad word too. So never call someone stupid, It’s just not something you should do. Especially if that someone, Is almost twice as big as you.

Someone’s Going to Get a Spanking

“Someone’s going to get a spanking,” Is what my Daddy said As he looked at my report card, While he tucked me into bed. “Just look at that old ‘D’, It’s such an ugly letter. Someone’s going to get a spanking If someone doesn’t make it better.” Tomorrow I’ll have to tell my teacher, “Don’t […]