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I don’t like to tie my shoestrings, It’s something I don’t like to do. They trip me when I walk and run, And get all black with mud and goo. Strangers stop me just to tie them, And when they’ve finished they say, “There.” They rub my head and walk away, And leave me with […]

Halloween Story

I met a friendly skeleton While I was trick or treating, He got a ton of candy But let me do all the eating. He said getting candy’s fun, That he really does adore it But he can never eat it, ‘Cause he has no stomach for it!

World’s Greatest

I was just about asleep, When I heard his happy call. “I’m the worlds greatest batter, Dad, come watch me hit a ball!” He tossed the ball into the air And gave a mighty swing. He showed a look of surprise, When he didn’t hit a thing. Ten times he tossed it in the air. […]


A monster sleeps under my bed And nobody seems to care. He snores when I try to sleep So I know that he lives there. Dad’s told me all about monsters And I know they’re scared of light. So I asked Mom for a lamp And I leave it on all night. I was sure […]

The Mosley

I came upon a Mosley As I played outside today. I guess I should have left it On the grass right where it lay. But I heard some grown-ups say (And grownups are s’posed to know) That if you wet a Mosley It is fun to watch it grow. So I got me a bucket […]