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Mom Says

Chocolates give you tummy aches, Mom bought some at the mall. Mom won’t get a tummy ache Because I ate them all!

Rocket Scientists

My brother and I Are sure having fun. We’re building a rocket To go up to the sun. They’ve already gone To the moon and to Mars, And driven around In weird little cars. But there’s nobody else Who’s done what we’ve done. ‘Cause we’ve planned a trip To go up to the sun! We’re […]

Ice-Cream Man

He seemed a nice and friendly man When first I went into his store. I saw a list of flavors there And said, “Don’t you have any more?” He asked, “What flavors do you want?” And claimed that he had quite a few. “I have a brand new peppermint, Pistachio and honey dew.” “I have […]

Black Eyed Pea

Four silly friends met one summer morning And decided to take a trip. A broom straw, a coal of fire, a little round pea And a grandma wearing a slip. They walked all day under sun and cloud ‘Til they came to a little stream. Round Pea said, “If we’re going to cross over, We’ll […]

Little Nancy Fancypants

Little Nancy Fancypants, All she liked to do was dance. She couldn’t crawl, she couldn’t walk, She never even learned to talk She danced at school, she danced at home, She even danced in Spain and Rome. And people said that one day soon She’d probably dance up on the moon. Then late one June, […]