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Crocodile Tears

Does a crocodile, When he eats someone Always shed a tear? I think I know How to find out But I’ll need a volunteer.

The Wedding Ring

“You have your wedding ring on the wrong finger.” I told her, when I was introduced to Fran. “I know it’s on the wrong finger”, she said, It’s there because I married the wrong man!

Mabel’s Jigsaw Puzzle

My ditsy blonde-haired neighbor called, This morning on the telephone; She had bought a jigsaw puzzle That was too hard to do alone. She told me the puzzle pieces Were too irregular and small, She had tried for several hours Before she’d given me a call. I enjoyed jigsaw puzzles So I was glad that […]

My Friend Gregg

Gregg and I went hiking, They said, “Watch out for bear!” We were young and foolish, We said we didn’t care. I said, “I brought protection,” I showed him my wife’s gun, He laughed, “That’s not a weapon!” And he started to make fun. That’s when we saw the grizzly, As it turned to head […]

Frozen Windows

On a cold frosty morning She sent her husband a text, “Windows frozen,” it said, “Instruct me but not too complex.” “Pour lukewarm water over it,” He texted her, hoping she’d know how. Five minutes later, she texted back, “Computer’s really messed up now!”