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The Demons

The community had gathered, The new priest was meeting his flock, This was his first congregation Since he had first donned the Smock. “What do you think of the Demons?” A little boy asked the new priest.” The attention of all those there Had very suddenly increased. The new priest, wanting very much To calm […]

Kent’s Operation

Sue Smith stood up in church and said. “Thank God for answering my prayer. Healing my husband’s injuries, Demonstrated His loving care.” “When Kent crashed his motorcycle, His scrotum was horribly crushed. They called me from the hospital Where he, in much pain, had been rushed.” “His pain was excruciating, Success in treating it was […]

My New Golf Ball

If you are in your home and want to have fun, you should do like me, I had a good day for golf, My game had gone well so far; If I could make this one shot, I would finish close to par. I had tried this shot before, It wasn’t an easy call; Drive […]

What She Meant

Sitting one night with her husband, A woman began to opine, “No way could I live without you,” While sipping on a glass of wine.” “Is that you talking, or the wine?” The husband asked, with ego fed, “I’m not talking to you, my dear; I’m talking to the wine,” she said.


It was first game of the season, There was excitement in the air. One team had much bigger players, It didn’t seem to be quite fair. I asked a lad from the small team If he had kept up with the score. He said his home team had zero, The other team had 24. “Just […]