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A dog sits waiting in the hot summer sun, Too faithful to leave, too frightened to run. He s been there for days, with nothing to do But sit by the road, waiting for you. He can’t understand why you left him that day. He thought you and he were stopping to play. He’s sure […]


My friend was quite young When he took up the game. His life since that time Has not been the same. Each waking hour He talked of the green, Of the woods and the putters And the irons that he’d seen. Golf had so quickly Become an obsession, To miss just one game Would cause […]


He got up early Sunday, so that he could pray. He knelt down by the window, it was such a pretty day. The game he’d planned for Saturday was canceled by the rain. The same had happened last weekend, the weather was a pain. He knew that it was Sunday, with church he couldn’t miss, […]