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Helen Brown

At my class reunion, I said, “Lady, you look like Helen Brown.” “Well you don’t look so hot in blue” She answered with a hurtful frown.

Favorite Flower

It was at a couples’ retreat, Husbands sat across from their wives; We were all answering questions About our married lives. What’s your wife’s favorite flower? It didn’t impress my Mary, When I excitedly answered, “I know, I know, it’s Pillsbury!”


I bought a book on Yoga, Which I advise you not to do. You learn how best to meditate, This much I found is true. I sit here with the knowledge learned; No matter how I’ve tried, There is no meditating way To get my legs untied!


A young wife asked her new husband, “Will you run to the grocery store? We need a gallon of whole milk, If they have cantaloupe, get four.” He brought back four gallons of milk. “You have a good reason, I hope, For buying four gallons of milk.” “Well ya-uh, they had cantaloupe!”

A Cajun Goes To Hell

A Cajun died and went to Hell, And caused the Devil much concern. He’d been there for a month or two But hadn’t yet begun to burn. The Devil’s job, as we all know, Is making sinners pay their debt. But the Cajun mystified him, He hadn’t even raised a sweat. He sat there singing […]