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Too Nice for the Baptists

They were missed at the White Birch Baptist Church She said her daughters had nothing to wear. The church ladies bought them all new dresses And got them appointments to fix their hair. When the family missed church the next Sunday, Pastor told them, “We missed you at White Birch”. The mother said, “The girls […]

Underwear Doesn’t Lie

My Grandmother says That she has forgot, How old she’s become But it is a lot. So I told Grandma “That’s easy to fix, Check your underwear, Mine says 4 to 6.”

Blonde’s Cell Phone

Art got his wife a cell phone, His lovely blonde-haired wife. She’d never seen a thing like it In her whole blonde-haired life. While shopping at the grocery store, She got her first phone call from Art, “I really like my cell phone, Honey, But how’d you know I’m at Wal-Mart?”