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Idiot Store

Two Yankee businessmen Were opening up a shop. The locals walking by Would quite often stop. With the shelves still empty, Small groups would stand and stare. “Whatcha all a sellin’? You ain’t got a thang in there.” Fed up with all the questions From the dumb and the unread, “We’re selling idiots!” One of […]

New Convert

A sign in front of a Catholic church, Two long time Jewish friends had seen, “FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS TO CONVERT.” They wondered just what it could mean. One said, “I think I’ll go inside, I see no way that it could hurt. There certainly is no chance in Hell That they could cause me to […]

Lie Detector Robot

A lie detector robot! He knew he’d have to buy it. He couldn’t wait to get it home; To plug it in and try it. He decided he would try it first On his unruly teenage son, To see what kind of mischief He and his friends had done. When his son came home at […]