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Probably Wasn’t the Same Lion

Strolling through the jungle, Ted and his buddy Bryan Were surprised to come upon A very badly distressed lion. It was sitting out there alone, On the hot Savanna Plain. Its paw was red and swollen; They could tell it was in pain. Ted was quick to tell his buddy, His gullible buddy Bryan, About […]

New Step-Mother

I told the pretty blonde-haired girl, Who I met at the health food bar, That she shouldn’t laugh at me For driving such a shabby car. “My dad just won the lottery, And he has just turned ninety-nine. His health is poor; he’ll die real soon, And then his money will be mine.” She treated […]

A Very Thoughtful Husband

Bob decided to retire To spend more time with his wife, To bring a little joy into Her otherwise mundane life. He first noticed her housekeeping, How its quality had declined. To guide her through this trying time, A husband must be firm but kind. He suggested she take a job, To get finances back […]