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Alligator Food

I was going to pick some fruit From my grandfather’s apple tree. I was carrying a bucket And I was whistling happily. As I walked by Grandpa’s stock pond, I noticed lots of water swirls. I knew from all the piles of clothes I’d found some skinny-dipping girls. It wasn’t long a head appeared, Then […]


Our pretty hen turkey named Sam Fell in love with our neighbor’s old ram Their offspring suspicious Were really delicious For Thanksgiving we had turkeylamb.

Dead Voters

A shrewd politician named Fred, Had supporters both living and dead. Dead voting perfected, Sure he’d get elected But he got indicted instead!

Chinese Checker

Sometimes I think Doc Jones is not too smart. He often ignores the things that he sees He treated Lee twelve years for jaundice He never noticed that Lee was Chinese.

No Help Needed

The meeting was important. He had driven twice around. He needed a parking space, There wasn’t one to be found. He began to pray out loud, “Lord, find me a parking space And I’ll give up my drinking, And spend Sundays at your place.” But God wasn’t hearing him, It was just as he had […]