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Where There’s a Will

His four daughters called him “Dummy” And to his back made fun of him. Ever since he’d lost his hearing And since his sight had gotten dim, While to his face they were all kind. Using names, like “Dear” and “Honey.” Since each had hopes she’d be the one To inherit Daddy’s money. Then his […]

One Good Thing

My cataracts have thickened, And my sight is growing dim. My neighbors say, quite often, That sometimes I don’t know them. My ankles both hold water; All the rest of me has leaks. I have a hard time hearing When a person I meet speaks. My steps have grown unsteady, And my hands both have […]

Harry Smith’s Big Pet Rock

Harry Smith had a big pet rock That he took everywhere with him. He kept it in his fanny pack, He even named his pet rock “Jim”. Now Harry found a boat, one day, And took Jim for a row-about. They hit a stump out on the lake And Jim and Harry both fell out. […]