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Highway Sign

The state trooper saw her coming, She was driving way too slow. Everyone behind was honking, Trying to get her to go. He clocked her going twenty-three. She would get somebody killed! All the drivers stuck behind her, He could see, were not too thrilled. So he stopped her and told her She was driving […]

Inappropriate Combinations

When you get dressed, Give thought to whether The things you wear Go well together. Two things for sure, With negative zing, Are bifocals And a big nose ring. And you who seek Youthful adventures, Don’t pierce your tongue If you wear dentures. You’ll not do well, Attempting to flirt, In support hose And a […]

Goodbye Dolly

He’s been my little baby doll Since the birthday that I turned two. Back then he had all of his hair; I hugged him and I named him Sue. Tonight, before I went to bed, I threw my little doll away. I threw him in the garbage pail And told him he would have to […]