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He tried to run and hide from God, Somewhere God would never find him, In a boat to a distant shore, So he wouldn’t have to mind him. But then an awful storm blew up, And the crew began to worry. Jonah knew that he could save them But that he would have to hurry. […]

Best Friend

You are my friend Through thick and thin. Express my love? I can’t begin… But where you go I go there too. For right or wrong I will stay true. When you are sad And feeling blue, I’ll cheer you up, Be there for you. You are my friend, I tell my Dad. If you […]

Hard Time

Tomorrow was their anniversary, They’d been married thirty years. He began to moan out loud And shed crocodilian tears. His wife asked why he was sad, As he sat there on their bed, Showing signs of depression… Holding tightly to his head. “Thirty years ago tomorrow The judge told me, in stern voice, Marry you […]

Cat and Mouse

Our kitty ate The ‘puter mouse And now controls Our wireless house. It’s strange to see Her sitting there, Her silly look Her stupid stare. She’s mastered all The bits and bytes. She opens doors And turns off lights. And poor old Spot Could not be saved ‘Cause Kitty had Him microwaved. But then at […]