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Hunting Club

He was cooking an elephant, When I first saw the pigmy man. The elephant was much too large To fit a normal cooking pan. I asked him how he’d killed the thing, He said he’d killed it with his club. How big a club could this man lift? Some tiny limb or stick or stub? […]

I Listen!

My wife just told me something As she went off to bed. She said I never listen, At least that’s what I think she said.

Pen Striped Wedding

The warden’s daughter got married To someone down on cell block two. She was never very pretty Her choice of suitors had been few. He’s not the kind of son-in-law For which the warden would have hoped, But still he didn’t get upset, Until he found out they’d eloped.

Tough Town

I had to move to a new town, A new place to work and live. I needed some encouragement, All that this new found friend could give. “I’ve heard your town is one tough place. Will my wife and kids feel safe down there?” “Your folks will love my town”, he said. I wondered if […]

Marriage Counselor

The marriage counselor said to us “You should go out two nights a week; Romantic meals by candlelight Would bring the happiness you seek.” So we tried it,  it really works! We no longer have those bad fights. My wife likes Wednesday nights the best, So I go out on Friday nights.