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Mom’s Soup

My boyfriend asked if I could cook; I said I’d fix a meal. I had Mom’s recipe for soup So it was no big deal. I followed Mama’s recipe And made my friend some soup. It was the recipe she’d used To feed my Girl Scout troupe. As I had no fresh tomatoes, I used […]

Barnyard Pig

Have you noticed the barnyard pig? He likes to eat between his meals. In fact, I think the barnyard pig Eats almost anytime he feels. He stuffs his face from dawn to dusk With all thoughts of health forsaken. He eats until he gets so fat He becomes your breakfast bacon. If you are one […]

To Clone or not to Clone

While looking in an old bookstore, I came upon a big thick book. The title, “How to Clone Yourself”, Had beckoned me to take a look. “Never grow old,” the thick book said, “For now it is a fact well known, All that a person has to do, Is to make of himself a clone.” […]