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Eskimo No-No

If you are the wife Of an Eskimo, There’s one cardinal rule That you need to know. Blow drying your hair Inside an igloo, Is one of the things You must never do.

Lost Handkerchief

Helga was a hefty woman, Her bosom, first thing that you saw. She always carried handkerchiefs Stuffed down inside its massive maw. The church services were lengthy; The summer temperature was hot. Because of Helga’s ample size, She tended to perspire a lot. She stored a pair of handkerchiefs Before she left her home for […]


“I am here to see the doctor, I’ve got the shingles”, said the man. “Go right in and strip,” said the nurse, “He’ll see you as soon as he can.” “Well, you think you have the shingles?” The doctor asked the naked guy. “Just show me where you think they are”, As he searched with […]