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Miss Universe

Might not we be wrong, conceited at least, When we name somebody Miss Universe? What’s pretty on Earth might not be on Mars And on Venus she could look even worse! The beauty we see in dimples and curves, On Pluto might be thought of as ugly. The guys on Saturn, might not they prefer […]


My kids have gone out of control, They’re trying to drive me crazy. They go from hyperactive To just plain old downright lazy. They shaved the neighbors Persian cat And died their pocket poodle green. They put two pink flamingos In the Baptist Church’s manger scene. They changed, “Three Families’ Garage Sale” To read, “Three […]


One bright light up there in the sky Was it Venus or was it Mars? Maybe not a planet at all. Maybe one of the many stars. I asked a tourist standing there, All loaded down with tourist gear. He said, “You best ask someone else Because I’m just a tourist here?”

Whale Food

We took our Tommy to Sea World To see Shamu the Killer Whale, But little Tommy read a sign That caused his face to turn quite pale. He put up such a screaming fit And then refused to go inside. He pointed to the sign he’d read, His face was pale, his eyes quite wide. […]

A Cup of Water

Clematus was a backwoods’ boy, He was back woodsy as they get. I watched his youthful eyes grow wide When first he saw a TV set. He was running through the hotel Where each new wonder brought him glee. Then he brought a cup of water And, happily, handed it to me. I drank it […]