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Birds of a Feather

Birds of a feather flock together. But don’t you think it bizarre How birds can determine, from high in the sky, When they’ve flocked right over my car?

The Etiquette of Waving

When first you visit Texas, Y’best learn how Texans wave Or you could be mistaken For a simple Yankee knave. When you meet a relative, As they first come into sight, Quickly roll your window down And wave with all your might. For a neighbor or a friend, A four finger wave’s the way. Lift […]


He was flying south for the winter. Ducks don’t know how to back-up. Too late he saw the TV tower. He had an awful quack-up!

Imagine That

She never was the best of cooks I married her only for her looks. Last night I snuck her old cat, Lou A goodly portion of my stew. “Now Honey, don’t you cry like that, I’ll buy you another cat!”

Super Glue

Daddy called me “Stupid” For tasting Super Glue. I couldn’t even tell him That Sister dared me to!