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Dangerous Profession

All summer I had nightmares Of certain impending doom. Just thinking of the horrors That await me in that room. This year I took Karate And some Yubiwazu too, And to be on the safe side Took Kendo and Jujitsu. I can break a two-by-four Using just my empty hand, And using just my pinky […]


Inflation’s gotten out of hand, It’s really gone too far. My kid’s new tennis shoes Cost as much as my first car!

There’s a Steer on My Toe

A poem about David Reue sure couldn’t be very tough. About strange things that he’s done, ‘cause he’s surely done enough. To say he pinches pennies, we know wouldn’t be quite right. When compared to Jack Benny, Dave’s not really all that tight. Well to get some material for today’s little fest, I checked with […]