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A Prayer for Rain

The preacher said, “Let’s pray for rain,” Because the drought had been severe. They hadn’t even had a sprinkle In the whole county for a year. The preacher said if they had faith God would certainly hear their prayer. “So let’s gather at the courthouse And pray for rain while we are there.” Preacher stood […]

Which One?

The guide yelled back to hurry up I couldn’t hurry if I tried. “A big gator bit my leg off!” I yelled back to the shouting guide. When a gator bites your leg off, It makes it kind of hard to run. Then of all the stupid questions, The guide yelled back and asked, “Which […]

Bird Garden

Last week I planted some birdseed, I know that it sounds absurd, But Come take a look at my garden You’ll find two wrens and a red bird!