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The Traveling Saleman

Burt and Pete were on a sales trip When their old car had broken down. They were way out in the boondocks, Not close to any kind of town. They walked to a well-kept farmhouse Near the place where they were stranded. You’ll have to sleep out in the barn, The young widow had demanded. […]

New Year’s Resolution

He said he was going to count his blessings And take responsibility for his actions. His wife said, “You can’t count your blessings. You never were too good at fractions.”

Master Salesman

“You say you sold the ugly coat?” The boss asked the new sales clerk. “Well now that is most certainly A commendable piece of work.” The ugly double-breasted coat Was purple and yellow and blue. “And you found someone to buy it? That’s almost too good to be true.” “This calls for a celebration, Let’s […]

The Know-It-All

The know-it-all was showing off And had been doing it non-stop. Just now his group was on a tour Inside an old-time blacksmith shop. The know-it-all would show them how That he knew more than their young guide; He prattled on continuously With unappreciated pride. The guide had warned the touring group, The horseshoes were […]

Just Reward

For years they built houses, Working hard for their hire. Now, at last, came the time For each man to retire. Their boss asked them both in, He said, “I have one plea, I want you each to build One more house just for me.” The first man took great pains To give the project […]