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Long Trip

When I was young and had the pep That you see in a playful pup. If ever I would drop a thing I’d bend right down and pick it up. Now that I’m old, the things I drop I kick into a little pile Until I see that there’s enough To make the trip down […]

One Banana, Two Banana

Yesterday I met a man, While I was going for a walk. He had bananas in his ears So I stopped to have a talk. “You have bananas in your ears. Is it for some kind of dare? Or have you just forgotten That you stuck bananas there?” This, to me, was very weird And […]


You’re worried about the hereafter? She said, “I worry every day.” “You have nothing to worry about.” “If you always take time out to pray.” She said, “But it causes me concern And my grandkids lots of laughter When they see their grandma all perplexed, Wondering what she’d come here after.”