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What are Words?

Prof divided his English class Into the foolish and the nerds. He was known to go ballistic For one’s improper use of words. “Your language indicates”, he said, “If you are smart or you’re a fool. Two words I will not tolerate, One is ‘gross’ and the other ‘cool.’” A student, sitting in the back, […]


Understatement just has to be One of womankind’s major quirks. She comes to tell you with a smile, How well your new car’s airbag works. You never know what to expect. She of the opposite gender Just might describe a total wreck As just a little fender bender. Or she might whisper in your ear. […]

Grounds for Divorce

“Watch me, watch me, watch me,” My children’s favorite song. “Watch me, Mommy, watch me,” They chant it all day long. “Watch me, watch me, watch me, Watch me pick up Billy. Watch me, Mommy, watch me, Watch me acting silly.” “Watch me, Mommy, watch me, I’ll jump down from this chair. Come in here […]

Aching Back

The three of us were standing there, One with a walker, two with canes. We were all there drinking coffee And discussing our aches and pains. Then one fellow dropped his car keys, While he was filling up his cup. We just stood there, three helpless guys, No one could bend to pick them up!

Beautiful Wife

His wife was very beautiful, Perfection in every feature. “Why did you give me,” he asked God, “Such a very lovely creature?” God told him, “I am God, I know The kind of woman you prefer. I made your wife so beautiful So you would fall in love with her.” “I have one other question, […]