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A Very Special Angel

There would be a celebration; A child would soon be born. All of the angels would be there, Even Gabriel with his horn. But the child asked the Creator, “Why must I be sent to Earth? I am so completely helpless, Why must I experience birth?” God said, “There will be an angel To be […]


My friends all offer their suggestions And their advice is always free. When they come by for a visit The best advice for me is “flee.” “Don’t get excited over Nothing,” They said it was just a whim. But their advice came much too late ‘Cause yesterday I married him.


I got motorbike car for my wife. It was one of them fancy kind. I asked a few of my buddies And this was the best deal I could find. But now I know I could’a done better. It’s just my stupid luck. My neighbor down the road a piece Said he would’a swapped me […]

My First Jalapeno

I ate my first jalapeno Down at the county fair. I’m not much at trying things I did it on a dare. They offered me three kinds And said I had my choice. I said, “Give me the hottest one,” Right before I lost my voice. “Someone call 911 Before it is too late! Tell […]

Mistaken Identity

It was a fatal mistake to attempt the mountain pass. Now he couldn’t see the road through his icy windshield glass. Then when he killed his engine, terror filled his stricken heart. Next his battery went dead and his engine wouldn’t start. Once, he had been a Christian so he knew how he should pray. […]