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Position of Trust

One day, while reading on the beach, A little lad came up to me. He said,”Hey, are you a Christian? Is that a Bible that I see?” I said, “Yes, I am a Christian. I read my Bible every day.” He asked, “Before you sleep at night Do you kneel by your bed and pray?” […]

Let Me Count the Ways

How much do I love you? Let me count the ways. Once I got started, I’ve been counting for days. It’s been quite a task, And if my love lingers, It’ll take me much longer ‘Cause I’ve run out of fingers.

The Wrong Stuff

They said that it could not be done, Others who had tried all blew it. Much better men than I were they And not one of them could do it. A challenge that a man like me Could not easily turn aside. To rule a thing impossible Was folly before I had tried. I would […]

Mood Ring

My husband, Dave, bought me a present. He said that it is called a mood ring. And you know what? It actually works And is a very accurate thing. It turns light green when I am happy And when I am mad a dark blood red. It’s not the stone that changes color It’s the […]

Birds and Bees

He doesn’t need his old dad’s views Or the book he’s supposed to use. It makes him feel bad But he must tell Dad He’s learned it on the evening news. The moral of this little Limerick, The Birds And Bees, is so obvious that not much has to be written about it. During the […]