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Cancer Sticks

She read that cigarettes Cause cancer in lab mice. She keeps hers in a mouse-proof box To protect them from her vice.

The Listener

I noticed him there yesterday, His ear against the wall. Wrapped up in his intentness, As I passed him in the hall. Today I thought I’d humor him ‘Cause sometimes kindness pays. I listened but heard nothing, He said, “It’s been that way for days.”

Professional Student

He came to me, my college son, To tell me things that he had learned. It wasn’t how to pay his way, For self-support he’d always spurned. He said they taught the sun would die In just four hundred million years. I could see why he was concerned, And so I understood his fears. He […]

Memory Course **

I signed up for a memory course Because my memory’s rotten. They said I’d taken it last year. I guess I’d just forgotten. ** I think I wrote this poem before Or is it déjà vu? Just tell me if you’ve read it Or did you forget it too?

A Woman’s Thoughts on Prayer

If God answered all our prayers, We might not think it very nice. If He’d given me all I prayed for I’d have married the wrong man… TWICE!!!