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Out of Place

Why shouldn’t one of them be there, One of God’s most pretty creatures? I have some of them in my yard, They are one of its main features. I told the preacher right up front, “No manger scene can be complete Without one stuck next to the crib, Right down by Baby Jesus’ feet.” The […]

Déjà Vu

Then she came and sat beside me Sat beside me on the swing. Told me just how much she loved me Made me want to dance and sing. Then her father from his window Saw us sitting there entwined Shouted words I won’t repeat Shouted words that were unkind. Words that made me more determined […]

Brave Heart

He demanded to see the dentist, He had a thing to say. “I want to have a tooth pulled And not the usual way.” “No Novocaine to deaden, Just yank the darn thing out. I don’t want add-on charges,” His voice became a shout. The dentist figured for him How much he would save. To […]